Oops! I did it again.

I did it again. A day after my Jekyll-generated site is launched, I discovered Hugo, another SSG (static site generator) written in Go ❇️. Six hours later, my Hugo-powered site is up and running. Here in this post, I am explaining why.

Dr. J and Mr. H

  • Hugo is Faster - website generating is a process of conversion from a collection of scripts into html and other media files for website hosts. With multimedia content, such as pictures and videos, Jekyll took 8 seconds to render my site vs Hugo’s <1 second. Some users tested that Hugo can generate 600k pages within 5 minutes.

  • Hugo is Neater - I forked my site from Wowchemy’s Academic Theme. This template groups all all relevant contents, including source markdown scripts, pictures etc. of each post/page under individual folders. On the contrary, the Jekyll al-folio classify required files by file types

  • Hugo is Newer - one long page, fast scrolling, no BS. Just like Insta. 📷

Jekyll for flexibility

Based on Ruby, Jekyll is still a more customizable tool for website builders. It encourages users to add contents using HTML, liquid syntax, and markdown all at once, sounding perfect for picky geeks 🤓.

Ka Ming FUNG
Ka Ming FUNG
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