Conference Posters

AGU Fall Meeting 2020

Exploring natural aerosol formation from DMS oxidation and implications for aerosol forcing

Gordon Research Conference – Urbanization, Water and Food Security 2019

Co-benefits of Intercropping, as a Sustainable Farming Practice, for Safeguarding Food Supply and Air Quality

7th Annual Composition-Climate Interaction Meeting

Estimation of agricultural ammonia emission under sustainable farming practices by improving terrestrial nitrogen cycle modeling

Global Young Scientists Summit 2019

Co-benefits of maize-soybean intercropping for securing air quality and global food supply

Joint 14th iCACGP Symposium and 15th IGAC Science Conference

Potential co-benefits of intercropping as a sustainable agricultural practice for both air pollution mitigation and global food security

8th International GEOS-Chem Meeting

Evaluating effectiveness of maize-soybean intercropping in securing food production and air quality in China using DNDC and GEOS-Chem

AGU Fall Meeting 2016

Effectiveness of intercropping with soybean as a sustainable farming practice to maintain food production and reduce air pollution in China